The Adventures of Super Gato

This is my submission for Velvet Verbosity's 100-Word Challenge, temporarily hosted by LouCeel here. (Thanks again, Lou!)

 This week’s challenge is the word Ferocity.

The Adventures of Super Gato

I’m wicked hungry! I really want that salmon on the table but… I’m too short.
Wait, I see a way!
Up on the chair.  Big jump, reaching out.  I catch the edge, but my body swings down under the tabletop, and WHUMP!  I’m back on the floor again.
OK, OK.  Shake it off. 
Up on the chair, big running jump.  I’m on!  Uh-oh. I’m sliding, sliding, sliding.  And off the other edge.  WHUMP!  Sigh…
Shake it off. 
Up on the chair.  Minor adjustment, and l—e—a—p.  Wow, look at me!   I DID IT!!!
I am SUPER GATO!  Hear me roar!


  1. Loved this! Did you know that gatto is Italian for cat? Gave me a warm feeling that you used it!

  2. Snicker. Cute! Super Gato is one ferociously determined kitty, that's for sure! A fun break from the other entries in the challenge this week :P

  3. As I read this I could visualize it very well because we have our very own super gato! No I think ours is more of a crazy cat! What a fun post!

  4. Sooo cute! Sounds like our cat!

  5. Thanks for visiting, Everyone.

    Lou: Score! Thank you!

    Brian: Thanks!

    Mary: I should have known gatto was Italian for cat. Gato is Spanish, which I know only slightly better than Italian. Which is to say pretty much not at all.

    AuroraLee: Indeed. Then again, I've never know a cat who wasn't determined.

    Katherine: And they all have a crazy streak, too.

    Rhoni: Thank you!

  6. That kitty is super cute but I’m sure underneath that cuteness there is a soul of steel. Ha ha! Very interesting story.

  7. hello,
    100 word challenge,
    love the kitty, super cute!

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    poetry awards,
    Hope that you enjoy them!
    Happy Monday!

  9. Super-dee-DUPER!! I love the photo, too.

  10. Ji: Thank you!

    Ti: There's a lot a cat can teach you about life's challenges and adversity (as well as the value of a good nap).

  11. Fun photo!
    I've added you to the NE Bloggers page. Hope you'll have a chance to visit some folks and introduce yourself.
    If you'd like to receive sporadic emails when we are going to be doing a group carnival or game, drop me a note. e_bogardusAThotmailDOTcom


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