Spring-ing Ahead

100-Word Challenge: Hidden

This is my submission to Velvet Verbosity's 100-Word Challenge:  Hidden.  



Obviously in a bad mood, she glowers, all dark storm clouds and frost.  You might never guess that deep within, hidden from sight, a warm heart beats.  
She’s not always like this. If you catch her on a good day, she’s all smiles, their touch soft and caressing.  She rises in the morning glowing with good cheer, ready to spread her warmth on all she meets.  Her sunny disposition is like a salve.
But not today.  She’s been such a grump lately, keeping a cold shoulder turned toward most everyone.  I’m not worried, though.  Spring is just around the corner.
And while we're on the subject...

Haiku in Green

Green grass springs skyward
Out of Winter’s frozen womb,
And hope is reborn.

Green is the color of March at Theme Thursday.
Visit to see the other participants’ take on things green. But beware the Green-Eyed Monster.  These folks are good!.


  1. It takes one to know one, Missy! I love your take on 'hidden'... and the haiku just holds hands companionably with the photo and jumps right over the broom into my living room!


  2. Ti: Wow, that was quick. Thanks! After what seems like endless grey, gloomy, cold, and/or blustery days, I am SO ready for spring!

    (Broom? You keep yours in the living room? Mine is "hidden" in the closet in my mental pantry, lest it scare visitors. -- snicker --)

  3. Yeah, well... my house is so little that I keep everything in my living room. Kayak, bike, broom, dust pan and bunnies, dog kennel, computer desk, kitchen table, library and occasionally, even guests.

  4. Mama Zen: Thanks! Just a little homage to Mother Nature. Maybe it'll cheer her up!

  5. Perfect photo to go with your Challenge. Mother Nature has been a little grumpy lately. Hopefully she warms up soon.

  6. Tara: Thanks! I hope she does too. I am so done with her cold shoulder!

  7. PK! Wonderful title, and as usual, great 100 words. Loved it. Elaine


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