Theme Thursday: Sign of the Times

This week's theme at Theme Thursday is "sign."

Sign of the Times

He should have seen it coming.  The signs were everywhere.   Hushed conversations that ended abruptly when he walked into the room.  Tension in the air so thick you could cut it with a knife.  He should have known.

He’d seen it happen to other guys, and wondered disdainfully how they could have been so blindsided.  The signs were right there under their noses.  If he could see it happening, why couldn’t they? Didn’t they have eyes?
His wife told him, “You need to be prepared.  Look for a new place.  Start packing up your stuff.”
But he didn’t believe her.  Not after all these years.  It’d been nearly 23 years.  With so much time invested, he didn’t believe it could end, just like that.  He would try harder.  Something would change and things would get better.  He was sure of it.
That Thursday, he couldn’t deny it any longer.  The minute he opened the envelope, he knew.  It was over.  He’d been a fool.
23 years!  How could this be?  He laid his keys on the table and picked up the box.   He took a deep breath and headed for the door.  The box holding his lamp and the pink slip under his arm, he left the building.


  1. Sometimes you can't ignore the signs.

  2. we can try to deny them but...
    nicely done.

  3. It happens to THEM, not ME. Until it DOES.

  4. Anthony, Brian, Lou: As someone said, "It's not denial. I'm just selective about the the reality I accept."

    Thanks for visiting.

  5. YaaaHOOOO!! (This one called for a loud round of applause and a cheer from the peanut gallery)

    Well done, Patti! (Not that a pink slip is EVER good, funny or such... but your writing of it, with this sign... oh man.)

  6. It is easy to ignore the signs we don't want to see. I like your quote on denial...so true.

  7. Ti: Thanks! I am actually a bit of a--what?--fatalist, I guess, when it comes to things like the pink slip. So often, it turns out to be for the best. You know, one door closing, but a better door opening kind of thing.

    LadyCat: Thank you for dropping in! I think that quote works well for me as a philosophy of life!

  8. Took a while to find you because you posted the previous week's link. Happens too often, none so blind as those who will not see! Then men can't find their socks in a sock drawer.

  9. Baino: Sorry about the misleading link. Chalk it up to a "senior moment." I'm glad you persevered and stopped by.

    P.S. You are SO right about the sock drawer!


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