Honest Scrap

Titanium of Element 22 has honored me with an Honest Scrap Award. 
And I don’t use the word “honored” lightly.  This lady blows me away. She lives, really lives, the adventure that life should be, has the courage we all should have to go after that adventure, and has the eloquence to write about it in a way that inspires us to do so.  So I am truly honored to be included in her list of blogging victims -  uh, pals, I meant to say pals -  to receive the award.
That’s the good news.  The bad news is that it befalls me as a recipient to honestly expose seven personal factoids not already revealed in my blog.  Well, OK, maybe not so bad.  I tend to be a blurt-it-all-out-to-anybody-who’ll-listen kind of person.  It’s only because I am fairly new to blogging that I haven’t  told you everything already.
I don’t know if the deal was to give it up quickly, but heck, I’ve got the ball in my court, so I can decide when to throw it, right?  I’ve taken a little time to think about it, and came up with these seven tidbits of personal information.
1.   I am an adventurous eater.  I try stuff, like the sea urchin I ate out of the shell (um, not sure if it actually was a shell, but it felt hard like one), which then walked across my plate after I was finished.  I thought the others at my table were going to lose it.
2.    Kate at High Altitude Gardening, also a recipient of the Honest Scrap Award, revealed that if she could own any car in the world, it would be one you've never heard of: the Nash Metropolitan.  I actually did own a Nash Metropolitan.  Very cute car, but I can tell you this: a 1500-mile trip (with two adults and two kids) in a Metropolitan is no fun.  No fun at all.
3.    Drinking red wine (and sometimes white wine, and sometimes beer, and sometimes…) makes my face red.  Very red.
4.    After 10 years as a single mom who’d had, oh, maybe two dates, I met my soul mate on an airplane.  Huh. Who knew.
5.    Last May, I walked 30 miles over two days in the 2009 Boston Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  Not bad for an old broad.  I was pretty darn proud of myself, I’ll tell you. 
6.    I come from a big (as in size, not quantity), tall family.  My brother is 6’5” and wears a size 13 shoe. I have really big feet, too (or, as my husband - the guy from the airplane - says, I have “a good solid under-standing”).  All of my everyday shoes are actually men’s shoes.  (Yikes, did I really tell you that??? TMI, TMI!)
7.    And now that I’ve told you #6, I may as well mention that I’ve always wished I were a petite, ladylike (not an adjective ever used to describe me) little thing.  It’s really hard to feel petite when you have aircraft carriers for feet.
And now to pass on the opportunity to blurt it all (or at least some of it) out, I’m tagging ten others.  Some of you will no doubt say, “who is this woman, and why is she picking on me?”   As I mentioned above, I am relatively new to all this.  Some of you I have come to think of as friends in no time at all.  But all of you have been a pleasure to read, and are people I’d love to know more about.   Res ipsa loquitur.  So write seven juicy new tidbits about yourself on your blog, and then pass it on!

P.S.  If any of you have already been bestowed with this award, I apologize.  I looked back and tried not to tag anyone already tagged, but, hey, what can I say?  I’m considering it a major feat to have figured out how to get these links in here at all.


  1. Thanks, PattiKen for this very nice award. I'm honored and delighted :)

  2. Thank you, I appreciate this so much!

    I had an aunt who drove a Nash. She couldn't get the driver's side door open, so she had to climb thru the trunk to get in the car. I really liked that car too.

  3. Tara, our Metropolitan leaked brake fluid like a sieve. Fortunately, right under the floor mat on the driver's side was the cap to the brake fluid... what? tank? receptical? (as you can see, I know nothing about cars.) So all we had to do was carry a bottle of brake fluid with us and refill it from time to time. I'll NEVER forget the smell of brake fluid (sort of like you never forget the smell of formaldehyde from Biology class)!

  4. You know somethin'? Petite is good, but when I'm swinging from a rope two thousand feet above the deck... or beating the pants off tiny women in a race... I love to sing "Fat Bottom Girls..." at the top of my lungs.

    If you got it, use it- I say. Big feet are awesome. Also, the saddest thing I ever saw growing up on a farm was a half-Belgian, half-Morgan mare. She had the Belgian body with teeny little Morgan feet. Not good. Not good at all.

    I think I just went random on you. Again. Oh, and the Metropolitan? Gah! THAT is coolness...

  5. Dearest Patti,


    WOW, I am so humbled and honored.
    I shall treasure it, so much.
    Thank you .
    Felt like I have known you for some time,
    instead of just a week ago?
    Blogging never fails to amazed me.

    I will link back to you soonest.


  6. Me has an award for you!
    Be HAPPY!

  7. How very interesting. A sea urchin huh? I don't know if I'd go there.


  8. Congratulations on your award! i would have loved to seen the look on everyones face regarding the sea urchin walk...i bet it was priceless! lol

    thank you for stopping by my bloghome and commenting. please come again soon,

    warm smiles,

  9. I was in a hurry this morning. Could you tell?

    You list is very interesting and honest. congratulations on your award.

    I thank you for passing it on to me. Please don't be offended, but I don't do them myself, but that doesn't mean I am not honored that you thought of me.


    Mad Hatter

  10. Patti, so fun to read, as always!!! You make me laugh, and I love it! Congratulations, award well deserved. Warmest, Elaine

  11. Ti: Mostly, I think the Amazonian look is cool. I do, on occasion, wish I could wear sexy Jimmy Choo knock-offs, but I'd probably kill myself trying to walk in them. Overall, I guess I'd rather have substance.

    Shakira: Thank you!

    Nessa and Jessie: The sea urchin event was memorable, not for the taste (sort of like briny pudding, maybe?), but for the expressions of my fellow diners. They were truly horrified!

    Elaine: Again, I'm glad this was good for a laugh. Laughter is a good thing!

  12. Oh, Patti, thank you very much!

    And don't worry, I have big feet too, mostly because of the long toes I inherited from my Gran. I can pick stuff up with them!


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