100-Word Challenge: Overall


This is my submission to Velvet Verbosity's 100-Word Challenge:  Overall.


I’ve looked everywhere, to no avail!
I searched the bedroom closets and the linen closet.  I rummaged through every drawer, sifting through many years’ accumulation of stuff.  I looked under the bed and behind the sofa.  I hunted in the boxes in the attic and basement.  I searched the car, exploring the glove compartment and the trunk.  I checked all the kitchen cabinets.  I even looked in the refrigerator (not forgetting the vegetable bin!). 
I’ve looked here and there, high and low.  Nowhere can I find anything to say for this week’s 100-word challenge.
Overall, I’d rather have another word.


  1. First, lol. It's much easier to write when the word is all delicious and already associated with fulsome emotions and ideas, like darkness. I purposefully include whatever word I land on, even when it's mundane, because then we can really stretch outside the writing comfort zone.

    I like that you turned your frustration into something clever.

  2. Well done! Proof that inspiration comes in many forms...

  3. This is clever. Overall, I think you said a lot!

  4. I laughed out loud, and also thought "clever, oh so clever!" As I was reading it I was so curious, devouring the words so anxious and excited to get to the end. And you did not disappoint! Patti, awesome job! Love it!


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