Friday Flash 55: Faded Star

This is my offering for this week's Flash 55 hosted by G-Man.

Faded Star

In her heyday, she had been amazing.  She was so glamorous, her finery glistening like stars in the sky.  Everyone talked about how beautiful she was, and people came from all over to see her movies.
But not tonight. Tonight, she sat alone in the dark, waiting. Tomorrow, they were coming, with the wrecking ball.


  1. Aww, that's so sad but a sign of the times for sure. Nicely done.

  2. You know how to write a very fine tribute yourself.

    You can find mine in The Loft

  3. PattiKen...
    We had a Great Concert venue in Flint called the IMA Auditorium.
    From concerts to the Shrine Circus, the wrecking ball took her as well!
    Excellent 55 My Dear!
    Sometimes real life makes the best stories.
    Thanks for playing today, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  4. Funny how great places big and small seem to eventually meet the Ball. I remember the Paramount very fondly.

    Romance In The Air

    Thanks for the comments you all leave on "This Blog Of Mine" I appreciate
    the time and effort it takes to visit each blog and leave the comments, I
    have to express how much I appreciate them and each and every one of you

    Thank You Larry.

  5. How times change. The landmarks of yesterday, discarded and then destroyed. Kind of sad, really.

    My 55 is Meandering Streams

  6. I do...I do love this.
    In our town, it seems they always tear down the elite and replace with ugly.

    TIGER TEARS is my 55 this week.

  7. oh very nice 55...in that moment of realising you are past your day...sigh.

    my 55 is up!

  8. I really like this one. Nicely done...hard to see our landmarks around the globe taken down.

    I'm up here:

    Friday Flash 55 ~ Know

  9. This is so sad , Patti but a reality.
    Nicely done.
    Lovely picture, always love classic ones.

    Have a good weekend.


  10. I remember how said I was when The Wilma -- the one screen theater in our home town -- was closed. I don't believe they tore it down, but it was remodeled so extensively they might as well have. Lovely 55.

  11. There was a movie theater in Madison, Wisconsin that fit this description to a T. We'd heard the demolition crew were on their way for weeks on end, and passed by on the street waiting unhappily for the end. Then the neighborhood association stepped in and a buyer was found. Now it's a thriving local theater of cult movies - the only purple theater in town.

  12. Very neat. Very creative. A little sad. So many of the places that made beautiful memories for me have fallen victim to the wrecking ball.

    I don't think we have met before. Welcome to my blog and thank you for commenting. I love meeting new bloggers when they comment or become followers.


  13. Sure can feel this one. And how fleeting the life of anything is.

  14. Thank you all for visiting. I agree, it is very sad to see bits of history fall prey to the wrecking ball, especially since so many are gems of architecture. But as Alice Audrey pointed out, some are saved. And that's really good news.

  15. That was just wonderful my friend. Maybe TNT would be better as it goes faster and it wont be in such pain for so long. LOL Great 55. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  16. Such a shame that once great and beautiful buildings are demolished instead of refurbished isn't it? Great 55.

  17. Perhaps we should think ourselves lucky that we don't have to stand before a wrecking ball too! At least not the same kind...

  18. Wow! That was very creative. Great 55!

  19. Excellent 55 but sad. I hate when they bring old buildings down.


  20. a wonderful 55, although very sad indeed. what are they going to replace her with? new condos???

    warm smiles,


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