In the beginning,
The pull of the earth is counterbalanced
By the lightness of being.

Taut with newness and time unspent,
There is no jiggle born of dancing
And springing into the air with delight.

Abandon is spontaneous,
Joyful and immediate,
And without premeditation.

Alas, time and tone
Travel in tandem.
And a battle with gravity rages.

Droopy with time past,
Chin, chest and chi
Struggle to remain upright. 

Altitude diminishes
Along with time future,
And gravity is winning the war.


  1. Oh, Patty... the me of the future just grabbed the me of today and shook her by the shoulders.

    I'm pretty sure she told me to get up, leave the piles of work and unfinished cases, slumping chi and shoulders and make friends with what is left of Saturday.

    Thanks for this. I needed it.

  2. Ti: good advice from your future self. Best you follow it. She'll be here before you know it, and you don't want her to be ticked because you ignored her.

  3. chin, chest, and chi struggle to remain upright...

    beautiful writing!!!

  4. Stupefying!! I am stunned. This is glorious! Wonderfully descriptive of life's biggest pain in the ass - getting older.

  5. JennyMac: Thank you for visiting and for the compliment.

    Lceel: As it comes from your multi-talented self, your comment is multi-times appreciated. (blush...)


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