Junior Superhero

She saw her mother hit by cancer at 33

Watched as she fought back and won

And learned what it takes to be a superhero.

Today they fight for the cure side by side.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

This bit of bragging is done for Sunday 160, hosted by Monkey Man.


  1. Yes! Survivors...I am one too. Great Sunday 160. Thanks for playing and bringing to light this cause.

  2. So great to read such a triumph!

    - Alice

  3. Brave indeed!
    Many Hugs for your courage xox

    @ MM: I salute you too.

  4. woot...way to go...cancer sucks and thank you for fighting back...

  5. Inspiring...so many of us involved in that fight for the cure.

  6. Such an important cause. Sadly, I have lost a few friends to breast cancer. The survivors are true heroes to me. Such courage!

  7. fight the fight. my mother was hit by cancer at the age of 37 and lost the fight a year later. miss her every day to this day.

  8. My Mom is a survivor. Since 1986. I know we're eventually going to lose her - but it won't be to Cancer. Thankfully.

  9. Great post, Mom. I'm telling on you though...

    Mom totally doesn't play fair. Emily and I were sitting having lunch on day two, when I checked the blog on my phone. We sat and cried as we read this. Then realizing how absurd we must have looked began to laugh, hard, which I'm sure looked even more absurd.

    The support from so many people, in so many places has been amazing. I can't thank you all enough.


    PS I'm pretty darn proud of my 16-year-old and all she has accomplished. $1800 and 40 miles is no easy task.


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