Gone Fishin' at Ebbets Field

A couple of friends’ recent musings (you know who you are)
Reminded me of  the happiest day I ever spent with you.
“Come on, kid. Let’s go fishin’.  It’s the opening game.”
That’s what you said when you picked me up
At school just after noon on that nice October day.

We drove to the coast, and went out on the pier, and
With a twist of the radio dial, we were at Ebbets Field.
Dropping hooks in the water, we lined up at the rail:
A bunch of old men, Vin Scully, you and me,
A tom-boyish girl in dirty Keds and torn dungarees.

“Play ball!”  And they did, your Trolley Dodgers
And the Bombers; you know who I mean.
We didn’t know it then, but it was close to the end.
We won that day, but lost 4-3 with the last.  Maybe
That’s why they turned tail and headed for LA land.

We listened to the play-by-play that day, with names
That would one day be legend:  Mantle and Ford,
Robinson, Hodges and Berra.  And I caught a big fish,
With the old men all cheering and you smiling proudly.
“That’s my girl,” you said.  “A chip off the old block.”.

I wish I had known it would be the last time.  There were
No more World Series for the Bombers and your boys.
They betrayed you and you never forgave them.
And there were no more fishing trips for you and your girl.
Your new girl hated fishing; this girl found boys of her own.

But today I remembered, as I do every year when
The new boys of summer take up bats and fans cheer.
That was the best day I ever had with my dad,
And looking back, I'm really glad that you wanted to share
Your boys, the Bombers and fishing on that wooden pier.

This is my entry at One Shot Wednesday.


  1. Ahhh baseball though it has changed it still brings back those early memories. Cant' tell you how many autographs I got from famous men who just loved hitting a ball with a stick.

    "Batter Up!!!"

  2. Oh that's so tender and sweet. It's made me cry. Beautiful tribute. Father's should be lucky to have such a one. Thanks, Gay

  3. A happy memory tinged with melancholia. A powerful write.

  4. my dad was not much for baseball...least not unless we were playing...but we did hit the fishing hole quite often...nice nostalgic piece..

  5. A wonderful Dad/daughter memory...it brought back a few reminiscences of my own.

  6. Patti, what a beautiful memory captured beautifully in a well written piece. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Oh this is so lovely and so poignant. What a wonderful memory to have of your dad. Wow. I loved this, Patti. So much!

  8. Lovely memories, I was right there with you :)

  9. Nice memories.. Nostalgic... My dad's been gone for three years and I miss him everyday.

  10. Great memories...they never leave us...that is such a blessing about living...in a moment we can go back...bkm

  11. A happy memory seen through melancholic eyes -- I lost my father when I was 10 and I can totally empathize. Beautiful.

  12. Anything related to the Dodgers makes me smile. I'm a fan from my Southern California childhood and my baseball fanatic grandfather. I utterly adored that man! For me, this was a day at the park. Thank you!


  13. Patti, you really hit a chord with one admiring reader (you know who I mean)and the mention of names such as Mantle, Ford, Robinson, Hodges and Berra along with Snyder, Mays and so many other legends of the game are what nostalgia is all about. Very touching relationship with your dad...and he is what nostalgia is all about. Thanks for your well scripted words, the vehicle that takes us there. Oh, and will it always be there? Always.

  14. It's paradoxical that the stuff we think matters doesn't, and the stuff we don't think matters does. I love that you shared this moment with us in poem form. Good work! :D

  15. This unfolding wonderful like a movie in my mind. Nicely captured =)

  16. filled with love and tenderness Patti...beautiful!

  17. apart from being extremely well written that really got me..got me thinking that me & my little lass dont spend enough time together....thankyou..a perfect poem...pete

  18. I am glad I read this!
    It's like sharing your virtual diary with very beautiful memories with us..

    No wonder I began writing my biography in my blog stirring out of my memory lines.. :)

    Many Hugs xoxox

  19. Lovely piece, this touched me dearly because it reminded me so of my brother and father who have a very special relationship and they love anything baseball when in time together. Thank you for your words ~ Rose

  20. Been poking around in your poetry today, and came across this again, Patti. I so love it. What a gorgeous memory. I remember one time my dad took me fishing. I was eight, he took me out in the ocean on a stormy day when the waves were high and we were in such a LITTLE boat. Then I got sick, vomited over the side, and we went home. Somehow I suspect it wouldnt make as good a poem as yours, ha ha.


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