I never planned to talk about fruit.  

I was going to speak of romance, feats of derring-do, 
having discovered a very cool guy with a story 
to tell.  But try as I might, he just stood there, 
never swashing his buckle, just mute and smirking, 
thumbs hooked in his belt.  OK, so screw ‘im. 
I’ll tell you instead about fruit. OK, not all fruit, 
just peaches and pears. Peaches are lovely, yes,
but they’re so obvious, you know?  Now, pears?  
Pears are mysterious.  I’m intrigued by pears.  
I really want to like pears, but they’re always so 
stand-offish, unknowable, teasing with hidden potential 
that they never deliver.

I guess I must be a glutton for punishment, silly me,
because I keep giving pears another chance.
One day, as I searched yet again for the perfect one,
I found this lone peach hanging out with the pears. 
The peach sat there shyly, listing slightly to the left,
a little off-kilter, fuzzy cheeks blushing beneath my gaze.
The eager peach looked completely out of place
among the arrogant indifferent pears.  Choose me,
it seemed to whisper, sweetness riding on its breath.

I’ve always been a sucker for strays, so it should be
no surprise that it was the peach I took home.   
I might speak here of its warmth and the softness 
of its skin, the slight give of the flesh under my touch, 
the lushness beneath the blush, and the incredibly sweet 
juice that...  sigh.   But I won't.  That would be unseemly.


This was written for One Shot Wednesday.


  1. haha...i have a pear tree in my back yard...and i think you did talk about romance...in a very fruity way..smiles.

  2. Hmmmm... explains why I enjoy pears so much. Peaches, on the other hand- I'll send in your direction! Sounds like they'll be appreciated far more in your corner than in mine.

    You blended this sangria of stories and offered an allegory that left me looking around for more.

  3. I love the way you play with you descriptions, very fun read...

  4. Peaches can be so needy though. Now, apricots, there's a pome with some sass!

  5. OMG. I'm never going to look at a peach in the same way again.

  6. Pears in season can be hard to resist though. Juice running down your chin, sweet and delicious. Although a proper peach is just as fun. Now what about cherries, that play havoc with digestive tracks (of some people toot oops! not mentioning any names - excuse me!)

  7. Patti...Peachy!!
    You got it goin on Missy...

  8. hmmm...this was delicious....i have a pear tree in my garden...smiles...the peaches...soft flesh and everything...eh....and they lived happily ever after...

  9. Alas. I have spent way too much time searching for that perfect pear, overlooking the warmth and softness of the peaches that crossed my path. Live and learn.

  10. a fruity & yummy poem with soooooo much depth. clever, well written, and a bite of juicy romance... just beautiful!

  11. I like this clever piece with "sweetness riding on its breath".

  12. a brilliantly written little piece of fun. sweet, indeed!

  13. pears, i agree totally. not a big fan, but the pear totally dominates on the Fruit of the Looms.

  14. He's a peach, she's a pear, aint that always the way it is? Luscious.

  15. Ha! A clever little story for us - fun and fruity, and certainly opens one's eyes in regards to peaches...


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