Friday Flash 55: License to Fly

The State Trooper had been chasing the vehicle ever since it pulled out of the Air Base and zoomed up the highway.  He finally got the driver to pull over.  Such reckless speeding just couldn’t be tolerated.

He strode up to the window, looked into the driver’s dark eyes, and said “License and registration, please.”


This is my offering for Friday Flash 55, hosted by G-Man at Area 55.


Brian Miller said...

hehe. perhaps he will let me drive? wonder what he clocked him at? smiles. nice 55 patti

LceeL said...

That's funny. Truly. But are visual aids legal in a Flash 55? Don't they count as the 1056th word?

Eric Alder said...

He must've been a low-rider alien, because they're usually going muc too fast to catch.

(Maybe he was an ILLEGAL alien?)

Funny 55!

DEFINITION: the most important dynamic measured at buffet lines

Prayer Girl said...

And I used to avidly follow all these creatures. Not so much anymore though my mind is still very open.

Neat 55.
My 55 is up.

Claudia said...

what funny 55 patti - i almost look alike this alien on my biometric driving license pic...smiles

Janice said...

Ha! Good one!

PattiKen said...

Brian: I'm sure he must have clocked him at the speed of light.

Lou: It took me all day, but I get it! I'm quick, huh?

Eric: Nah, in Roswell, I think they're all pretty much legal. The real question is, what was the trooper driving?

PG: Yeah, I think my mind is pretty open too.

Claudia: You could never look like that guy. But what's a biometric license pic?

Janice: Thanks!

G-Man said...

Patti Patti Patti....
One more example of your Multi-Faceted Talent!
I Loved your 55 of course!
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

heehee what a good giggle.

Awesome 55. I'm back now too

Katherine said...

A fabulously funny 55 ... loved it!

Dulce said...

Oh my! that must have been a surprise... he'll think it twice before pulling anyone else over again
Great PAtti

Alice Audrey said...

At least it isn't a license to dissect.

moondustwriter said...

I would love to travel at those speeds.
What a hoot Patti
always another surprise up that talented sleeve of yours

Hugs from the Moon