160: The Dancer

Overcome with music
She sways in joyous dance.

She cares not where she is
Or what passers-by may think.
The only thing she notices
Is that the muse began to sing.

This is my offering for Sunday 160, hosted by Monkey Man here.


  1. oh, Patti! what a rich image!
    did you take it?
    I am happy when I dance, and I've found my muse again.
    no more naps, just a day alone, even in the car, is enough.....
    mine is up HERE

  2. Dianne, I'm so happy you've found your muse. I think she is in fine form after reading your 160. Yes, I took this picture. There was an outdoor sculpture show scattered all around a nearby town, and this lady was dancing on the steps of an old church. I think dancing makes her happy too.

  3. You two took fabulous pics for your 160 Wait till you see mine...Hahahahahaha
    I love creative modern art..
    You Rock Patti....

  4. I love to dance-- nice photo wouldn't mind having that piece of art --- your 160 muse: The poet is inspired by the muse , and sensing the beauty in the movement of the muse, poetry burst through encapsulating them both. Beautiful you and your muse.


  5. nice. as you know my wife was a dancer for years...and i know the feeling of being lost in the music and just dancing...nice 160...and i like the art as well....

  6. That sculpture looks like she is, indeed, having a joyous dance. I wish she was dancing in my garden so I could look at her every day.

  7. And then you shared her joy with us- thanks!

  8. What a lovely way to begin my Sunday...a dance with your poetry. Good one, Patti :)

  9. Delicious, delightful poem and photo.

  10. Beautiful shot. Full of texture. Your 160 is awesome. Thanks for playing.

  11. Wonderful tribute to the artistic heart.

  12. What an awesome photo and 160! Oh to be one of those who sing, no matter who's listening... :)

  13. Enjoy this photo and poem very much.

  14. G-Man: I loved your "creative modern art" too. But it made me hungry. Happy Sunday!

    Joanny: Thank you. I'd like to have this dancer in my yard too, always inspiring the muse.

    Brian: Yes, I know you are a lover of dance. And we all get to enjoy the effects. ;-)

    Janice: Me too.

    Grandmother: You're welcome!

    Tracy: Happy to be of service, Kind Sir.

    jabblog; Thank you. Delightful and delicious are good things to be.

    MM: I'm glad you like. Thank you for hosting.

    AA: Thank you. What a nice thing to say!

    gospelwriter: I agree. I am a little in awe of those who can.

    Paul: I'm glad. Thanks for coming and commenting. Please come again.

    Sherry: Thank you, my friend.

  15. Wonderful movement - image and words both*!*

  16. Love the sculpture and the poem matches its mood. I feel like shaking it!

  17. Bimbimbie: I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for coming.

    Victoria: Now that's what I like to hear. Shake away, my friend.

  18. she is quite the dancer
    what a wonderful picture

    Happy Sunday my friend

    Moon smiles

  19. That is certainly an awesome piece; sculpture, photo and 160 to go with it. I too can get swept away by music at times and care not a whiff what people think when the music takes me

  20. mdw: Thank you! See you Wednesday.

    kkrige: Thank you. Losing yourself in the music is a wonderful thing.

  21. so lovely...your words describe my 5 year old, always so happy and singing and dancing...

  22. She: Children have that marvelous ability to just go with the flow, and not let inhibitions stand in the way. When do we lose that, I wonder?

  23. Ah, if only I were so uninhibited! :)

    Great photo and S160.

  24. MZ: Thank you.

    Me: Yeah I know just what you mean.

    Gautami: Me too, me too.


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