160 Sheets to the Wind

(Photo: Grey Goose Vodka)

Some say Merlot.
Some say Pinot.
But I say cosmo,
And so do I.

Tomorrow is Sunday.
And Monkey Man awaits.
I have to say something.
And so do I.

Got a 160?
And so do I.


At least I can still count.  This was written (while under the influence of having been a wee bit "overserved") for Sunday 160, hosted by Monkey Man here.


  1. lol. had a few cosmos? smiles. nice. my 160 will be up in the morning. hope you are having a great weekend patti.

  2. Yeah, see what happens, Brian?

    You have a good weekend too. But watch out for those cosmos.

  3. Is "overserved" meaning too much salad? Must cut back on that stuff. Have some more 'cosmo noir'

    Steve E

    Here is MY 160 for this week

  4. LOL! Patti...I loved this one sixty. I also enjoy a cosmo too :)

  5. Sorry, but after 25+ years of not drinking and not being much of an aficionado of drinks even when I was an active alcoholic, I have to admit I have no idea what a cosmo is. Oh, well, I still liked your 160. :)


  6. What a pretty photo of a cosmo. Like them and liked your 160!

  7. Steve: A fruit "salad," perhaps. You know, grain, oranges, cranberries, lime. i should feel healthier, right?

    Tracy: It's very rare one can catch the muse so, um, relaxed, so I took advantage of it.

    PG: It sounds like having abstinence is a conscious decision on your part. And for that, I say bravo. My dad was an alcoholic, so I really watch it. Which is perhaps why the two drinks last night was one drink too many.

    Mary: Thanks. Cosmos both look and taste taste pretty.

    Mama Zen: Thanks. I probably should have waited until morning to write my 160, but that was just silly enough that I thought, hey, what the heck.

    Janice: Yeah, me too.

  8. LOL ... I LOVED this! LOL again!!

  9. Like a shot, 160s come in small glasses; high octane poetry.

  10. Tempting glass with red. Clever title.
    My first Sunday 160: Sunday 160

  11. Altogether a fun post... nice 160, love the title!

  12. Killer cosmos, huh? Didn't impair your ability to poeticize, though.

  13. Pass around the cosmo!!!

    Hey Patti we need to have a party in 160 (or more)

    Love it

    moon shine ( I had some at Tracy's) *hic*

  14. this is the first drunk 160 I have come across - that I know of...you are too funny. i would hate to see what I would write under the influence. It would not be pretty, I can tell ya that!

  15. Funny and light :D sweet soft words


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  16. Overserved,eh? Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed your 160 and your comment. Thanks for playing.

  17. Ahh, Patti -- you are two of the nicest people I know! :)

    I likes me a Manhattan. I forget what's ion a cosmo.

    Oh, and White Russians -- yum, yum, yum.

    Being here on your lovely blog reminds me that in the not-too-distant future I shall design and put up a sidebar link button for YOU! I've got a few more awesome peeps on the list, but you are for sure on it.


  18. Amazing how clever when we just sit down and write ... something comes. As for me, I'll take city gin (tap water). :-) I'm a boring old soul. :-)


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