Autumn Appetites

autumn’s tapestry
draped over summer’s last green
spicy smells float by

hay rides and cider
tiny goblins on doorsteps
piles of pumpkins high

leaves drift like sugar
in air crisp as an apple
my thoughts turn to pie



  1. I love that in the face of those lofty observations, your thoughts turn to pie! I had some apple pie yesterday at a friends and enjoyed each morsel!
    Beautiful photo.

  2. pie! are you sharing? smiles. love this time of year for many of those reasons and more...

  3. Mary: My thoughts are never far from food. :-) Autumn is redolent with foodie images for me.

    Brian: Of course I'll share! I've read so many posts in recent days that speak of autumn as a sad season, with things withering and frozen times ahead. To me, fall is always filled with feelings of energy and excitement. Oh, yeah, and with thoughts of pie. And turkey. And... ;-)

  4. The paintbox of colors in that photograph is so lovely! I think spring is my favorite season, but I love all 4 seasons for their different attributes. You definitely captured the spirit of autumn in your poem.
    It has been a weird one so far in CA, with record-breaking heat confusing all the leaves. They don't know whether to fall or stay put! Coolness is coming, however. I just know it. And apple pie.

  5. I LOVE this, and the photograph is absolutely lovely............fab fall colors. Love the haiku and now I want a piece of pie too:)

  6. I hope you're going to link this into my Friday Haiku. These are GOOD!

  7. Beautiful pic Pattiken. now I have a hankering for pie after reading your delicious haikus!

  8. Oh My GOODNESS! Those colors are amazing! One thinks of the "standard" colors but this is an entire spectrum! WOW~

  9. The last haiku is a delicious piece of work!

  10. Enchanting post from beginning to end. Thanks!

  11. Fantastic Haiku, Patti :) And the photo is absolutely beautiful...did you take it? This all makes me crave some pumpkin pie and coffee :)

  12. Thanks for your kind comments, Everyone. Fall make me think of yummy things.

    Yes, Tracy, I did take the photo. (You've got to love a polarizing filter.) New England is spectacular in the fall.


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