The Stand-In

(Artist: Rafael Barradas; Source: WikiMedia Commons)

50 years. You’d think I’d be over it. You’d be wrong.

Oh, sure, I know it’s not my fault. I blame myself nonetheless. Silly? Self-indulgent even? Yes. And yes. But there it is.

We argued. Ironically, I don’t remember why. I do remember screaming, “I hate you,” and slamming into my bedroom.

Those were the last words I ever spoke to her.

How could a 33-year-old woman drop dead of a massive coronary? Daddy said, “Her heart was just broken, honey.” But I knew that. I broke it.

 I’ve been living her life ever since. It’s my job, after all.


Thanks to Tara of Thin Spiral Notebook for hosting the 100 Word Challenge.



  1. That is some serious guilt to be carrying around for so long. A job that should be retired.

  2. Fifty years is a long time to carry this burden!

    1. Indeed. Yet so many people carry guilt their whole lives.


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