The One

Tara of Thin Spiral Notebook issued a challenge: write a 100-word story without using the letter A. How could I resist?

The One

The first time I see her, no voice inside me shouts, “Right there! Her! She's the one.” She isn't very pretty. She isn't even  cute. Still, something pulls me to her. 

She sits in the corner by herself, eyes down, oblivious to everything. My gut wrenches. The poor thing, she looks so forlorn, forgotten. 

I go to her. “Hi.” 

She lifts her eyes, those icy eyes! But despite their Nordic frostiness, I see joy fill them when she sees me there.  She is the one. I'm in love. 

I sign on the dotted line. 

 “Come on, gorgeous. Let’s go home.”

(Source: WikiMedia Commons
Photographer: Tim Dawson)


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