Hunkering Down

(Image: detail taken from AP photo)

She’s not too bright sometimes,
my father always said. I’m not sure but
I think he meant it took me longer
than most to learn my lesson.

The storm has been raging for months.
The winds die down from time to time,
and being the slow learner that I am,
I'm lulled into thinking all is well.

I can’t say I thought it was safe to go out again
because I never came in. I leaned into the wind,
plodded forward, taking everything that came my way,
but making less progress with every step.

The winds howled and buffeted and tore
at my soul and still I pushed on,
battered and bruised, eye on the prize,
like an idiot, or somebody hell-bent on nobility,

I slog on no longer.
Perseverance is a poor substitute
for winning, and nobility is
just another word for crazy.


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  1. smiles...love that last stanza....it says so much...about so much...smiles.

  2. Oops...this has a familiar ring. Guilty. I'm with Brian; those final lines pack a wallop.

  3. I can really relate to this poem a lot, Patti. The hunkering down, the being buffetted by the wind, the need to constantly push forward. Life can be exhausting. This was really, really good!

  4. Aww I know what this is about. I must be a sucker for punishment...to me winning is a poor substitute for perseverance. You are a winner whether someone gives you a guernsey or not. Then I'm crazy. MWAH

  5. I love this line:

    I can’t say I thought it was safe to go out again
    because I never came in.

    It says something about independence, and refusal to conform; I was a little sorry the speaker gave up the fight in the end.

    Thank you for sharing on Real Toads.

  6. That last verse is so right on. Perseverance IS a poor substitute for winning. In some cases it is just a buzz word to use to pacify the loser.

  7. Wonderfully written. Yes, there are some storms that seem to go on and on. Your poem says it so well.

  8. Lovely reflections ~ Sometimes I think it is wise to bend and avoid the wind and storm on the path ~ There will be another day to fight it again ~

  9. This dances into sad and all too familiar territory, it speaks volumes of preconceived and ill conceived judgements and the pain they can inflict whether intentional or not. Wow....this hurt ...not sure if it was supposed to, but it did.

  10. I agree... the last stanza is the quencher!

  11. Well, the first line hit me hard. A father that is always knit-picking, always criticizing. Perhaps the person was just running away from him... The last lines were just wonderful!

  12. Tenacity seems to be the right word.

  13. and glad to see you at OpenLinkNight as well...smiles...always a pleasure patti...

  14. That slow learning moniker, I can relate to completely. It takes months, sometimes years for stuff to sink on. zthe metaphor of the storm is tremendous, calling up images of a wayfarer struggling against nature's force. The lesson learned, sad but true, is one the present world teaches harshly I fear.

  15. Oh those life lessons learned. Sometimes they do take so long to learn, don't they!
    But, yes, keeping on a path going nowhere isn't noble it's crazy, indeed :)
    Lovely prose Patti

  16. Beautifully written. Sometimes it gets really hard. I hope you chose the right path in the end :)

  17. Perserverance despite the odds shows inner strength and character that too few have. Am a true believer that slow and steady wins the race, that we always need to keep an eye on that prize. Those who look down and thumb their noses at such will never truly understand or appreciate who you really are. Good capture!

  18. Really good write...the photo and your poem complement each other well!


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