ceci est la couleur de mes rêves

(Joan Miró, Spanish, 1893–1983)

this is the color of my dreams.
it's also the color of my mood.
like Joe Btfsplk, I'm being stalked,
your misery blocking my sun.

does it help, I wonder?
do you feel better when I feel worse?
is blue your favorite color?
I prefer yellow myself.


Written for d'Verse, and for my friend who,
like Joe Btfsplk, is being stalked by the gloom.

 (from Li'l Abner by Al Capp)


  1. i prefer yellow as well...i had a yellow xterra once...i loved that vehicle...nice title, translated in your opening line...

    hope you shed a little sunlight on your friend...

  2. i wonder if the color of your mood is always the color of your dreams

  3. if we dreamed in bright colors we would have to wear sunglasses to bed

  4. love this and I love red and yellow!

  5. I like the unique take on the blue color.. I like yellow too ~ Nice contrasts of colors ~

  6. Love yellow too. It's less melancholy compared to blue. *Smiles.

  7. It can be hard to get away from another's blue mood. And it is a good question, because I wonder if it really does make people feel better when they bring others down? Probably not consciously, but I bet in some ways blocking out your sunshine makes their blue not as solitary painful.

    Step away Patti. For your sake, walk away to your sunny spaces. You deserve them.

  8. I try to avoid people who accentuate the blue and can't seem to ever see the yellow. I'm not saying that's easy to do.

  9. Keep focused on the sunshine.

    Wonderful poem and artwork here, including Capps. Nice.

  10. I'm still back on blue as the color of my dreams. I'd never thought about dreams as colors but it brought up all kinds of images for me. The dream I had and wrote about my daughter was surely green.

  11. Very clever to use Miro's work to respond to this prompt. I agree, we are free to choose our colors, not have to absorb them from another.


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