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He lurks
beneath the tranquil surface,
tracing slow circles, seeking
a sign of weakness, a
barely-visible tinge of
red signaling vulnerability.

Swift, the strike is subtle,
concealed in a whisper
touch no less lethal than
casual words that tear
the heart, shredding hope.

Sated, stuffed with conquest,
yesterday’s catch abandoned,
the quickening cloud of red
marking her surrender drifts
beneath the tranquil surface,
and he moves on.


  1. and these sharks have many faces and shapes and how they smell our vulnerability...excellent write patti..

  2. Vivid images here of brutal strength and vulnerability...

    edit *traquil* maybe *tranquil*

    Nice use of "shark" in driving your message ~

  3. yikes...this is more than sharks...maybe those that walk the land...predators...fit to strike kill and then leave in search of other prey...nicely done patti...

  4. I'm hearing the music of "Jaws" in the background. Brian makes a good point too...too many unseen predators in our midst, I'm sad to admit.

  5. It's weird, I just read a poem full of positivity about internet interactions, so this has me thinking about the nipping and biting that can be done with impunity. Thinking about your poem in conjunction with that E.B. White quote - provocative.

  6. Sounds like someone I used to know...

  7. I'm with Victoria on this one...got the Jaws soundtrack loud...got the feeling too, that this shark may have feet,,,and he's not stopping at meat, he wants our soul! loved this, and where you allowed my imagination to travel!

  8. Okay, enough beach time. Back to Canada. Excellent write. Many levels here, depths of meaning. ENjoyed the write very much and metaphor of shark.

  9. I smiled when I saw the title of your poem. Unseen and scary! I have sharks swimming in my local waters. I do not venture into the ocean. Love to watch, but the ocean is their turf. /as far as land sharks, I think Saturday Night Live did a sketch on that years ago. Great poem!

  10. Perhaps the worst of it is--"and he moves on"--sinister, predatory--who's next?!

    You captured that shark persona very well.

  11. Whenever the shark bites, it is always a mess he (she?) leaves behind. And yes, vulnerability does had that scent, from whomever it emanates. PattiKen, you handled this topic with poetic finesse.

    Thank you.

  12. Sharks, there are there. A rather gripping read, nice.

  13. wow you explained the entire process so very smoothly, especially putting in blood and their precision into play that doesn't disturb nobody expect the victim.

  14. Familiar, accurate, a call to awareness. You accomplished a lot in a short poem!

  15. haha for what janice said:)
    this is, well, killer.

  16. Predators. Yup. They're everywhere.

  17. watching out for those sharks ~ preying on the vulnerable what a lot your have packed in here ~ Lib ~ sorry wouldn't let me sign as blogger


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