The American Dream

Somehow, he never expected life to be so hard.  He really wanted to get the family out of the city and into the fresh country air, but he just couldn’t afford it.  Making a living is so darned tough these days. What’s a guy to do?

Then a friend told him about the deconstruction industry. 

(picture from chain e-mail, source unknown)


Written for Friday Flash 55, hosted by G-Man here.


  1. When Chef Jeff was a wee lad, his mother pronounced him to be a "one man destruction team". Funny how he ended up in engineering...

    Fifty-five of the finest words that ever walked on four green feet :)

  2. an excellent 55 Patti
    wonder if the government could get some budgetary assistance with deconstruction

  3. smiles. deconstruction can be a fun thing...just ask my boys....ha i like that pic....

  4. Find your passion, and do it well!
    A Damn Fine Industry..hehehehe
    Very clever and Most Perfect 55 Patti.
    Thank You so much for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  5. Smashing 55! My Uncle once said to me "Just because there is a bend in the road doesn't mean it's the end of the road, it just means you need to alter your course" Loved your 55!
    Cheers from Katherine ( Katherine's Place - Pieces of Me) ... I don't know why but I wasn't able to post unless I did it anonymously...this has happened on a few other blogs I've visited in the last couple of days. Have a great weekend Patti!

  6. That's one happy man-tis . . .Gawd just looked up deconstruction . . now I have a headache.

  7. Praying becomes praising--beautiful picture. And one of the best 55's this week.

    Deconstruction. I've been doing that all my life! An industry which shall never fail. Love this page, Patti.

  8. Clever 55, great photo, happy weekend!

  9. Deconstruction would be the perfect vocation for my son too.

  10. Ah ha! Deconstructing Harry? :)

    Good one, Patti!


  11. What a great story and oh so appropriate picture!

  12. Dream, yeah everyone has dream :) can be happen, can be not.
    Nice message, Patti :)



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