Sunday Morning: Catching Up With Guilty Pleasures

Sunday morning.  to-do list neon flashing,
claxon of responsibility sounding, blaring.
laundry, vacuum, and shopping list all
clamoring in chorus nagging: me, me, me!

and I go missing, coffee cup in hand.
keys at my fingertip, I escape to the world
of my guilty pleasures. I visit and catch up,
sharing laughter and coffee with you

were they to look, they might see me,
coffee in hand and hands on keys
but I’m off on a journey: California and
Canada. Australia, Alaska, Aruba.

and everywhere, in between and beyond,
hither and yon, sipping and savoring, sharing
coffee and comments, catching up with you
and these pleasures and, no, not guilty at all.


Written for One Shot Wednesday


  1. smiles. around the world in just an hour of perusing...that is one cool thing about all this is seeing the sights and hearing the sounds of far off places..

  2. Awww; . . well I for one am very glad you neglect the housework for a quick trip to OZ.

  3. So very glad you can be found in the mountains of Alaska on any given Sunday! The pleasure of your company makes the journey just that much brighter and better.

  4. ah the joy of blogging...what a remarkable time we live in! Love you poem:-)

  5. Around the world without the travel
    Letting some mysteries unravel
    All in a short time
    Even with a simple rhyme
    Guilty pleasure or not
    Some thing can't be bought
    Enjoyed the write
    Is Aruba such a sight..lol

  6. Brilliant. Expressed so well. It is such a pleasure of mine to blog (even with that neon sign relentlessly flashing.) I love it!

  7. Here's your Coffee Patticake...
    Just the way you Like it!!
    Girl...You sure can write Your ____ ____!!

  8. Nice to read you! smiles

  9. I want to go too...coffee in hand and a road in front of me....that sounds wonderfully fun...bkm

  10. It's good to go missing like that, especially with good coffee. Can relate to this one very much, Patti

  11. Sunday is a day of rest after all! Mind you with all your adventuring I don't think you're resting much either :-D
    Great write!

  12. You have perfectly described the beauty of blogging. I, for one, am totally hooked.

  13. Different flavour of coffee maybe? Whatever, very well presented, I like your lines, word choices,presentation. I liked it, and even though I might not have got ur meaning, the voice was familiar and I identifed on some level. That was a say nothing comment, eh? But I did like it :) Really did.

  14. Delightful, Patti! I'm so glad you "travel" on Sundays, rather than feed the wolves of responsibility. It is good for the soul, which is good for the world - feeding your soul and spreading the joy around. I think Henry above must have a Mon-Fri, 9-5 job and a wife who does everything else, especially on Sundays, or he'd have "got it" right away. :)

  15. Wait a sec... are you driving up 95?

  16. Yep...no airfare, no bag surcharges, no delayed flights...just my computer, my favorite sofa & the world is my oyster (smile).
    Thank goodness for modern technology. Don't know how we'd all cope without it!

    Nice one!

  17. Me too- after a week of no or extremely limited to 1/2 hour on 1 day internet!
    p.s. Don't forget Italy- the guest room awaits.

  18. you forgot indiana, but that's easy to do. btw, what's a 'robbie'?

  19. I want to forget my weekend chores after reading your post. Fun and light hearted to read~


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