Summer Solstice

My friend Jinksy across The Pond invited me to come over to play.  The game today is called "Two in Tandem." and it goes like this.

Jinksy posted this colorful graphic on her blog to inspire and invited her friends to link what their muse brought forth to accompany the picture.  My muse took one look at the glorious colors and one image came immediately to mind.

What a great way to start the day.  Thanks, Jinksy!

Addendum:   After I posted this, I heard this voice calling from somewhere in cyberspace, "Patticakes, Patticakes..."and I knew that somehow I'd written exactly 55 words. Amazing. So here you go, G-Man. But how'd you do that???

Summer Solstice

Tinkling music, twinkling lights
Sound of children laughing
Greet me with the morning sun

Prancing stallions, leaping frogs
Run round and round me, calling gaily
“Hey, wake up! Come join the fun!”

Summer colors bloom all about me
Everything bright and gay.  I open my eyes;
Then I know. It’s a calliope kind of day!



  1. Your words gave me an image of a carousel - and of course, a calliope would be perfect for that:-)

  2. oo nice use of calliope...sounds like a lot of fun to me...smiles.

  3. Tinkling, Twinkling, Prancing,Leaping, colors blooming...yessss, CALLIOPE!!!
    Real nice '55, and "summertime, and the Livin' is easeeeey"!

    and PEACEFUL!

  4. Oh I really enjoyed this - thanks for sharing - and luv your black & white photo to the side!

  5. Great movement in your poem. Makes me want to go outside and play.

  6. Can't beat a magic roundabout ride! :) Thanks for playing...

  7. I want to play outside too! Lovely and chirpy.

    Anna :o]

  8. I could almost hear the calliope music. Beautifully written.

  9. As I read this, I thought back to a warm day, years ago, spent with my young family in Griffith Park, in Los Angeles, on the Carousel. That carousel is a very special place. Thanks for taking me back there.

  10. How whimsical and fun. I guess my 55 today is a bit of a summer solstice reference.

  11. Oh yes...agreeing with "whimsical and fun."

    All for GOD,

  12. Aaahh... I see exuberance in this poem just as I See it in the picture!! How lovely, Patti!!

    Ya know, it's quite cloudy here in NYC today, and this post was EXACTLY what I needed to brighten up my day!! Thanks a bunch, my friend...

  13. Love the bouncy feel to this. Definitely a fun 55!

  14. I love it! A calliope kind of day - your poem suits the image perfectly.

  15. Patticake???
    Howd you do that?
    Sorry I've been unusually busy this week.
    I see you have written a novel in my absense/
    I'll catch up later...G
    Loved your indeliberate 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week End

  16. wow.

    your playful words make one feel young,
    how cool to read it aloud.
    bless your weekend.

  17. So wonderfully uplifting. Here's to a calliope kind of day!

  18. And suddenly I feel like frolicking in a meadow ;-)

  19. What a joy to wake up to a world like that! It sounds divine. :)


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