The Critic

So what say you, sir, of a muse
who speaks only when someone listens? 
Are her words then suspect,
making you wonder if she says them
just for someone else to hear? 
Is she naught but an actress who
performs only while an audience watches,
hands at the ready to clap? 

Oh, I hope not.


Written for Friday Flash 55, hosted here by G-Man.


  1. That's an interesting way to look at conversation. I love it, because I'm so quiet in speech, but talk to myself all the time in my head (as we all do, i suppose).

  2. What matters is that she speaks at all - when she does speak, I don't card if it's 'in general', to more than one mind in audience - her message is and should be unique in each mind - a matter of interpretation.

    Dontcha think?

    I love this piece. Any reference to the Muse will get my attention - yours is SO well crafted.

  3. smiles. just who could you be talking to madam...grins...

  4. Now I'm picturing Sharon Stone's character in that movie with Albert Brooks "The Muse." You see it? BRILLIANT and funny movie. Andie MacDowell, Jeff Bridges were in it too. See it, if you haven't!


  5. Nicely done. Have a great weekend.

  6. what a perfect picture for your 55's dialogue..much enjoyed

  7. Hey...I resemble that remark!
    Some people shouldn't speak at all under any circumstances!!
    Loved your 55 Patty Cake.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  8. Beautiful verse is in the eyes of the beholder. Who, after all, likes to hear us more than... us?

  9. Tricky things, Muses. Enjoyed that.

  10. Ah, a critique of the outer and inner critic. Thank goodness, I listen to my shy muse and not that other voice! Fantastic 55!

  11. A critic figuring out a muse -- very funny indeed.

  12. Well my muse doesn't waste her breath, or voice.
    She would dance for the sheer joy, audience be d**med -but she doesn't always show up
    on demand- so the answers no. Thanks!

  13. Or is it better to have the kind of muse that drives you bonkers; making you mutter under your breath in public and leap from bed to madly scribble?

    - Alice

  14. I tried poking my muse to see if *that* would make her speak, but no luck. Apparently, she is in need of some time off-the-grid, too.

    These fifty-five words are lancet-sharp and should prod the muse right back to her vocation. Immediately.

  15. That's a really interesting question!

  16. So long as the muse is there, who cares the circumstance.

  17. I wish I knew what my Muse does when she's not whispering in my ear. Methinks she's a bit of a derelict. On the other hand, if a Muse speaks well out of earshot, has she spoken at all?

  18. My muse is always talking - now the question is does she make sense

    Love ya dear Patti
    Sorry I haven't been around - have missed ya

  19. As long as she speaks!

    Nicely done, Patti. I like the write and the photo you chose. Droll!


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