Bridge, Badly Played

Is that really the card
you want to play? 
Is it just sadness
that brings out the worst
or are you, deep down,
always this way?
Does bereavement entitle
the bereaved to be thoughtless?
Does your pain trump
and take the day? 

You win.
I guess this
just isn’t my game.


Written for One Shot Wednesday.


  1. Not my game either Patti, pain is difficult, but in my mind not an excuse to be unkind to others... I mean it happens, we all do it, but then we must recognize this, apologize, try harder.

    well written and expressed.

  2. Some games you can't win. Nicely done.

  3. Like it Pattie - some times pain is trump

    know this is a tough time. hope you are well
    big hugs

  4. sympathy only can go so far and when expected needs to be earned before given...well said Patti...bkm

  5. The thoughtlessness card, even in extreme circumstances, is best not played. Thankfully, there are apology cards, also in our hand, ready to be played if we err in this regard.

  6. It's a shame pain gets the ace... but if we never lose we cannot praise the victory, can we?

  7. mmm...you know it takes a certain amount of grace to play the game...esp with those in pain...

  8. In some cases while it can build bridges, in other instances bereavement can bring out the worst in people, turning a card game into something unnerving. In such situations it may be wise (and mature) to just throw your hand, as the speaker illustrates.

  9. No stranger to grief myself Patti. It's a tough time for everyone concerned. No bereavement doesn't entitle thoughtlessness. It should be a time of consolidation and closeness. Thinking of you.

  10. I take it that you are not playing Euchre?
    Loved your One Shot.
    Been missing you on Friday...G

  11. Very nice 'One Shot'. I went to a Memorial Service yesterday - a friend's mother had died, and I went to express our condolences - mine and Annie's. I knew no one there, except our friend. It was fascinating to sit and watch the people - to see how they each dealt with grief. And sad.

  12. It's good to protect yourself when fragile. Sounds like you did. Hugs, friend.

  13. Wow!! Well said, Patti!! Negativity only gives rise to more negativity... it's like a rotten apple in the basket... (sigh)... it's better to get ourselves out of this basket before we start to rot!

    Really liked this one shot, my friend!!!!

  14. Very true and apt question...
    'Does bereavement entitle
    the bereaved to be thoughtless?'
    Sometimes the leeway people take because of suffering is not the right thing to do...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  15. Thank you, Everyone. I am heading home today. Amazing. From life, to twilight, to gone, to the tomb -- all in ten days. Know that during this ordeal, your support meant the world.

    Tomorrow, I'll come around and visit. Life goes on.

  16. Patti, am thinking of you as you move through these painful, though loving days. It will be comforting for you to reach home. Take care.

  17. Um... yeah. Actually. Well, to a degree, anyway. I cut grieving people a lot of slack just because the process can really mess people up. But even I have my limits.

  18. Thinking of you, Patti. Sending gentle thoughts and warm hugs in your direction.

  19. There is a poker game called Low Chicago. Low spade in the whole splits the pot. No matter the play on the table...that lowly deuce takes half pot.

  20. Yeah! Sometimes you can't win. Nicely done, Patti.


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