Beguiled by Night

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Beguiled by Night

He’d never seen her during the day. Well, maybe that wasn’t so surprising. He left for work before first light in the morning, and usually didn’t get home until after six each night. But in any case, it wasn’t until he took Bumble out for their long evening walk that he saw her, sitting there alone in the dark on the bench in the little pocket park at the corner.

At first, he just nodded as he passed, and continued on his way. She seemed to be faced inward toward some private view he couldn’t see, and gave no sign of noticing him. He was reluctant to intrude.

One night, Bumble pulled her leash from his hand, and ran up to give her hand a tentative lick. She laughed, and she looked up as he approached.

“Hi. I hope Bumble didn’t scare you. She’s usually shy around strangers, but since we see you here often, I guess she’s decided you’re her friend.”

“I’m honored, Bumble,” she said, scratching the big dog behind the ears.

Now that they were friends, Bumble always stopped for a quick visit when she was there as they passed the bench. Sometimes, she even brought a treat, firmly cementing the friendship in Bumble’s mind.

Occasionally, he’d take a seat on the bench beside her and they’d talk a little. Her name was Jasmine, he learned, and she lived around the corner and down the block in the little apartment building he and Bumble often walked by on their nightly tour of the neighborhood. Her apartment had no outside space, so she thought of this park as her “yard.” She loved the soft night air, she told him, and sitting out here was her favorite refreshment. She much preferred it to being out in the bright light of day.

Both he and Bumble came to look forward to seeing her, and were both disappointed on the evenings she wasn’t there. There was just something so peaceful sitting on the bench with her, talking quietly as she petted Bumble’s head, which always seemed to find its way into her lap. They were beguiled.

One night, after they’d talked for longer than usual, she said that, as much as she enjoyed the company here in the park, she really had to head home.

“Bumble and I are going that way,” he said. “May we walk along with you?”

“Of course,” she answered, smiling. She rose, and reached beneath the bench for the white cane he’d never noticed there before. She put her arm out to find his.

“Shall we go?”


  1. wow. a nice tale...smiles. you are pulling my heart strings these days...and thats got to be the quickest 10dom post to get up...

  2. Brian: And your comment has to be the fasted response on record! I'm so glad I can return the favor regarding the heart strings bit. You have a pretty firm grip on mine!

  3. Patti, this is SO well written. I felt like I was right in the park- observing everything.

    Your ending is beautiful; a reminder of what is seen and unseen has so little to do with ocular vision.

  4. Ahhhh, that's how 101 Dalmations started their romance.

    And I just love the term "pocket park" everything about it -- the image of it's intimate sweetness, the way it hangs crisply in the air when you say it out loud!


  5. Ti: Thank you. I'm so glad you thought so! You are the espresso on which my crema floats. ;-)

  6. Mama Zen:Thank you!

    Jannie: Thanks for visiting and for your kind words. P.S. I always wanted to have a pocket park. And a back stairs.

  7. It's all beguiling when its always night, sweet.

  8. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/04/03/early-easter-awards-ceremony-creative-beautiful-inspirational/

    an award for you,
    Happy Day!

    promising poet award.

  9. Ah, no wonder she looked inward.

  10. How beautifully moving that was! A truly beautiful read!

  11. And the beguilement begins. Are you going to continue this one? It feels like the beginning of a tragedy (of the dog or the woman... or both... ack!). What can I say? Sad endings are my favorite.

    By the way, regarding one of your comments (where's your email addy???), you'll learn not to take my rants seriously. I know I don't... usually. Heh.

  12. Yodood, Ji, Katherine: Thank you! I was beguiled by the topic.

    She writes: So glad you caught that!

    Nanc: Bumble is the amalgam of every big dog I never had, but wished I did.

    Jeff: Who knows? I've never believed I had a longer story in me. But I admit this one lingers a bit.

    BTW, as for one of my comments (and my "email addy" - never heard that one before - is in place now, assuming I was right in my guess at what an "addy" was), you'll learn that while I am often unable to resist an open door, I don't take the foot I stick in it seriously either. Usually. Heh, back at you! (wink, wink)

  13. ...pulled us along and clued us in at the end; there is always more than meets the eye.

  14. I am new to your writings, but enjoyed the leisurely flow of this one, in keeping with the content. I like the way in which you tied it all together in that final paragraph.

  15. This was *sniff sniff* really touching! Have a beautiful TT.

  16. Oh this is so sweet and I just enjoyed it thoroughly!

  17. Sweet. I wasn't actually expecting that. My grandfather was blind, nothing nicer than the linking of arms and strolling wherever. I agree, could be a series in this one Patti!

  18. Wonderful. I can easily visualize those encounters. Thanks for sharing

  19. Tom: Thanks. I think the story often lies in what fails to meet the eye.

    Julie: Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you liked the view from here!

    Anthony, Kathy, Jill & Baino: "Serene," "touching," "sweet." Those are the exact words I was hoping for.

    Baino: I think someone walking with a blind person often "sees" things they might miss otherwise. I suspect that was true as you strolled with your grandfather.

    Dreamhaven: Thank you!

  20. Nicely written, and very sweet! Wonder if the dog knew all the while!


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