100-Word Challenge: Behavior

This is my submission for Velvet Verbosity's 100-Word Challenge, temporarily hosted by LouCeel here.  The word for this week’s challenge is Behavior.

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Behavior Modification

They were arrested, and had their day in court. From high on his bench, the judge looked down at the three perps standing before him. Peering over his glasses at their pale faces, he boomed, “You know what you did was wrong, don’t you?”

“Yes, s-s-sir,” they answered, their voices trembling.

“Do you want to go to the pokey?”

“No, s-s-sir!”

“OK. I sentence you to one year’s probation. But here’s the deal. I’ll be talking to your parents and your teachers. If you do anything like this again, you’ll be back to see me. Next time, bring your toothbrush!!!”

Many years ago, just before the holidays, three children were arrested for trespassing and destruction of private property. They had broken the windows on cars in the junkyard. They were 10 years old. One of them was mine.

They went to court, and stood alone in front of an exceptionally high bench, three little criminals looking up at the judge with terrified eyes. The story above is exactly what happened.

Not one of them was ever arrested again.


  1. Wonderful. Just wonderful. You people are NOT making this easy. And especially you.

  2. oh wow. that it is a true story makes it all the more...glad for second chances...nicely done.

  3. Love this... scared straight. Thanks for the backstory too, makes this that much more meaningful.

  4. That must have scared them for good and set them for life without any need for further behaviour adjustment. What an adorable account!

  5. Lou: Aw, shucks. Thanks, Lou!

    Brian, Tara & Jana: Thanks! That was a very smart judge. Every month for a year, the kids had to visit their probation officer, who always kept them waiting in the hall. Also in the hall were some truly scary teenagers. It was a lesson very well learned.

    Mama Zen: Thank you!

  6. well done,
    nice to see you talent shine!



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