Say what?

As you can no doubt tell, I am relatively new to the whole blogging universe. (Hey, I never said I was quick.) As I wander around checking out this brave new-to-me world, I’ve realized that I don’t know how to speak the language. Terms and expressions keep cropping up for which my mental dictionary is of no help at all.

Just a few examples:

After the Jump: The sequel to the old Pointer Sisters song?
Blargon: I think that must be what this is.
Blego: The second in a series of alphabetized Lego blocks?
Blog Feed: Well, that seems obvious, but I can’t get the cookie to stay in the CD tray.
Bloggered: I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound good.
Blogorrhea: Does Pepto Bismol help?
Bye-Line: Some say “goodbye,” others say “so long.
Comment spam: See “blog feed”
Deliciousing: Cooking with spices?
Link Love: Hanky panky on the golf course?
Meme: The plural of memo?
Moblog: Who the heck is Mo, and how do I find his blog?
Ping: The prequel to Pong?
Podcast: A radio transmission from the Pod People?
Rant: Allowing your inner five-year-old to have a tantrum in your post?
RSS: The sound of a snake with a speech impediment?
Simultaneous blogasm: Oh, I’m not even gonna go there.
Slashdotted: Ouch, I bet that hurt.
TrackBack: Bread crumbs left on the Web so you can find your way home?

See what I mean?  I am obviously ill-equipped.  Darn, and I've always been pretty good at languages (with the exception of doublequack duckspeak; I refuse to learn that on principle).

Currently, I am pondering the latest addition to my Blogshere (which I have learned is the name for the aforementioned blogging universe) Phrase Book. I’ve seen many references to “mommybloggers.” I am a mother, but it’s been a long time since anyone called me “Mommy.” Does that make me a “grammyblogger”?  (No offense to my grandchildren, but, oh, I hope not. I’d rather be known as a color commentator on this game called Life.)

Like any good traveler in a foreign land, I am slowly learning to speak the native tongue of the blogosphere.  In the meantime, if I happen to bump into you out there, please pardon my pidgin blargon.

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