100 Word Challenge: Writ Large

Graffiti Writ Large 

Bitch!”  The ugly word hung on the wall of sudden silence like graffiti writ large. 

She hadn’t expected to see her ex at tonight’s New Year’s Eve party.  If she had, she doubted she’d have had the courage to come.  But after months spent meeting with her therapist and her lawyer, she felt the self-confidence he’d so casually destroyed returning.  The settlement was hammered out and the date in court behind her.  She finally felt like celebrating the future instead of mourning the past.

Holding her head high, she replied, “Bitch? You call me that like it’s a bad thing.”


  1. Striking piece. I like it a lot. And a grand ending. Very well done.

    And, in answer to your question - yes, there are. But most of us, like me, are old, fat and ugly and come to what we are, now, after many years of trial and error.

  2. Hey, watch that "old" stuff. You and I are the same age!

  3. Well done. I like the ending, how could I not?


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