Out of the Closet

You know, it seems as though every time a right-wing politician (and, for that matter, a right-winger not in the public eye) opens his or her mouth these days, something unbelievable issues forth. That Colorado school board member's revsionist view of slavery is a recent case in point.

I'm coming to the conclusion that all this hate, racism, homophobia, mysogeny, and downright stupidity has been in the closet all along. But now that the party "leadership" has indeed begun to lead the way, the rest feel empowered to stop pretending and come out. And come out they have, spewing opinions that, until recent years, most people would not have dreamed of voicing in polite society.

It's disgusting.


(Image source: www.clker.com)


  1. Somehow the new world of instant communication and ratification of ideas supports just such failure to think, to engage in discourse, in the worst possible way.

  2. I hear you. I fear for North America if the right wing wins the next election.

  3. That it is. Combined with media paranoia and the spreading of simple untruths, it's bloody frustrating.


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