La Danse Apache

Vintage Postcard 1920

"Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire."
                                               ~ George Bernard Shaw

"You go first."

"No. You. You go first."

It's a dance, one they've been trying to master for years. The music plays, sometimes a sensuous tango and sometimes a sizzling salsa. But the dance never quite comes together. Neither is willing to make the first move.

The tension between them builds. There's always friction, lots of smoke but no fire. Close encounters cause sparks, and each jumps back, fearful of being burned.

They're just not very good at it, it seems. They're always out of step. She comes close as he retreats. He moves in, she pulls away. Each is at once drawn, and repelled.

They'll never get it right; they know that. But neither can they walk away. And so, they dance.



  1. Well described, Kim. I've known relationships like that. Once bitten, twice shy people.

  2. Based on the postcard, I was expecting a neck snap!

  3. My apologies, Patti. Further evidence, for those keeping a file on my dementia symptoms....LOL. Sigh.

  4. Perhaps they need dancing lessons. Loved the vintage post card, a wonderful illustration for this piece.


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