Stripped Bare

(Photo Source: The Telegraph)

No national flags.
No military uniforms or guns.
No my way is the only way.
Just people meeting on the path of life.
     “Hi. Nice to meet you.”

No I am OK and you are not.
No I am right and you are wrong.
No you are wrong so you are ignorant.
Just discussion between curious people.
     “This is what I think.”
     “I think you may be right.”

No pretenses or airs.
No mating dance or peacock prance.
No false fronts or misleading masks.
Just honest attraction.
     “I like you.”
     “I like you, too.”

Is this the end of the world as we know it?


Imagined for The Tenth Daughter of Memory


  1. Where IS this place? I must go there. I love this, Patti. Truly. Such a positive message.

  2. No "peacock prance"! What a concept!

    1. the middle stanza throws this off for me a bit...the first and third jive...the second just seems a counter point...

      fyi....blogger has some major issues with embedded commenting...any one using IE can not comment on embedded...just thought i would let you know...

  3. This reminded me of a movie I saw. Shoot! can't recall the name, but nobody could lie. OH! "The Invention of Lying" was the title.

    Yup, this would be the end of the world as we know it!

  4. OMG I LOVE the picture with this. Is this the REAL Garden of Eden? ;). I only wish the people were tanned and it would be PERFECT! haha ;)

  5. Haha...another nice take. A poem might win the prize this time round! Although I think I'd be distracted by other 'bits' if you know what I mean.

  6. are you channeling John Lennon?

  7. Why yes it is!!
    So you better repent now Patticake!

  8. I kept putting a mental 'coma' after every 'No' .... so it didn't work too well for me. Nice angle, though. I do not think I'd want to hang out with all of those white pasty people. -J

  9. Hypothetical Armageddons are always the end of the world. It's why we write them. ;)

  10. Excellent. A very thought-provoking idea. It would cerrtainly change things!


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