Requiem Invictus

After battling so long without success, she was already battered and bruised. The first arrow found its mark easily, and she staggered. She yanked it from her chest and pushed on. But in rapid succession, a second arrow hit and then a third. In her weakened condition, she was helpless to withstand the barrage. She was finished, and she knew it.

As the end came, her last words struggled from between her lips.

"...and the horse you rode in on," she breathed. "You're out of the will."

And then she was gone before the rest of the arrows even took to the air.


Written for the Tenth Daughter of Memory.


  1. haha...i know what she said before that line...lol...out of the will...oh my...

    nice patti

  2. I'm accustomed to being totally lost. (But I am here). Maybe I have to read the other 9 daughters, or something?

    I never read Harry Potter, either.
    Never read "Lord of the Rings".
    Guess I'd better quit the Internet!

  3. Good one. Of course, there MUST be more to this. But the image? Perfect.

  4. I love the speed of this, Pattiken; first it seems breathless, then suddenly slows to a dead stop, but the action continues in the background - a remarkable achievement! Nice job.

  5. How disappointing.

    That's the spirit...

  6. Oh don't listen to grumpy drawers, it's a vote isn't it? She should have left the arrow in, not a good idea to pull it out willy nilly. Better than not entering at all my friend. Actually, when you're in the mood, there is a bigger story in it you know?

  7. I just hope that I get a chance to say something clever on my way out!

  8. Love it. Glad she was able to get those last words out in the end!

  9. I'm hoping the next muse will be kinder. -J

  10. did she have her lawyer in tow? hope he/she/it was carrying a bigger shield. very succinct, indeed!

  11. Hope she put him out of the will before the arrows!


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