Ma and Pa Plan Saturday's Outing

(My apologies to all my redneck friends.  You know I love you more'n my luggage.  But who could resist?)


“Aw come on, Ma… It’ll be fun. You’ll see.”

“Them goins-on is just unseemly. I ain’t getting’ out in no field with a bunch of Yankees, all acting like damn fools.”

“But goll-ee, seed spittin’... That’s my best thing. I could take the gold.”

"Seed spittin’? Well, hay-ull, whyn’t you say so? Let’s go, Pa.”


Writ up for Friday Flash 55 in the hopes that it'll perk up ol' G-Man, who been feelin' puny this week. Hope you're feeling better, G.


  1. this was the flier for my family reunion...just saying...smiles.

  2. Where have I seen the likes of this before? Oh, yes. In my home town of Redneckville, AK.

    This is a beauty, Patti! Hope it cheers up G-Man.

  3. Best chuckle I've had in a while. And something I REALLY needed today. 17 people laid off, today. Two were close friends - I guess I shouldn't make such close friends at work, but seeing people every day for 8+ years makes it hard to stay aloof.

  4. Patticake...
    Ima doin the Mullet contest!!!
    I'm so glad to see you are playing this week.
    And boy oh boy could I ever use some chicken soup, or in your case some Turkey Buzzard soup!
    Thanks for the grin, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. I hope they air the highlights on the Discovery channel.

  6. Sounds like my recent family reunion. HA!

    Funny that G-Man was 'funning' about a mullet contest. Every October, my hometown has a mullet festival... for the fish, not the hair style.

  7. Haha perhaps I should introduce some of these for our clan reunion. Sounds a lot more fun than egg and spoon racing.

  8. Thanks for starting the weekend with a laugh.

  9. Ha! Too funny. I want to hear the Redneck Games Anthem mentioned on the flyer. Wonder if it starts with a Minnie Pearl type "Hooowwdyy!"

  10. I met some fellers like that oncet. They called me "Hayseed" and made me feel proud. I had a 'real' NAME at last!

  11. Sign me up for the Corn-Holing tournament! (I'm from the midwest, and I know what that means!)

  12. Is this a real event? Seems too bizarre not to be true.


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