Party Time!

He came with her tonight, as he usually does.
But it’s okay, she doesn’t mind if he roams a bit;
He always comes home to spend the night in her bed.
He eagerly sets off cruising, scoping things out.
Stuffed with self-importance and strutting his stuff.
He checks everything out, the old and the new.
Though he’s been here before, you just never know.
He looks back now and then to see where she is. 
Ah, there she is, way over there.  She’s got her eye on him,
He knows, but she seems quite unconcerned
As she watches him, while she chats on her phone.
He moves from one to the other, checking each of them out,
And finds the one he likes the best: young, tall and lovely.
He looks all around to be sure there’s no competition,
Then moves in with confidence, and lifts up his leg.
Just as he turns back, he hears her sharp whistle.
“Good boy!” she calls over to him.  “Come on now,
Beowoof.  It’s time for us to go home.”


  1. Look at you, doggin' it! That's some tail-waggin' fun, Patti.

  2. awww mom just when i was about to have some fun...smiles. fun write patti.

  3. witty story.

    almost fooled by you.

  4. Very fun! You tricked me again.

  5. That's a great story. And what a perfect name for a dog.

  6. Ahh the leg-lifting since time immemorial. how our ancestors must've laughed at their canine friends too, lifting legs 'round bonfires and such.

    I laughed out loud at this!


  7. I was heading a whole other way until the very end. Very good!

  8. Hahaha . . . reminded me of my old boss until the whistle!


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