Sonny Crockett? Not So Much.

She: You need a shave.

He: Why? Sonny Crockett could carry off a couple of days’ growth.

She: Sonny Crockett was tall.

He: Not so tall. Tubbs was the tall one.

She: OK. But Sonny Crockett was thin.

He: Yeah, there is that.

She: It was a fashion statement with him, like the way his clothes just draped.

He: I’ve got stuff that drapes (wiggling his wattle).

She: You still need a shave. Just sayin’.


  1. I haven't laughed out loud so hard in a long time! THANKS!

  2. i just watched part of season 1 this weekend...i have a poem i wrote while watching it coming out in a couple days...lol.

  3. That or grow it out more. It's the half way business that only chiseled features can pull off.

  4. Wait. What is Alice talking about? Grow WHAT out more, Alice? Halfway? TMI TMI TMI

  5. Lou & AA: I think I'm not going there. ;-)

    Brian: Look forward to it!

    Grandmother: I'm glad!

    She Writes: Amy, you must be too young for a wattle. Some of them drape very nicely.

  6. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/the-perfect-poet-award-4-week-20-thursday-poets-rally/

    week 20 perfect poet award,


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