Grey is the New Black

Back in the day, when her hair was black and her skin was smooth, thirty was old.  Really old.

Then she got busy.  Life happened and time moved on.  Thirty passed when she wasn’t looking, and then forty, and then (yikes!) fifty, and then, looking back, thirty seemed young.  So young.

Today her hair is grey and her skin is lined with life, but inside she still feels just the same as she did back in the day, when her hair was black.  

Maybe grey is the new black, she thought.  Maybe sixty is the new thirty.

Or maybe not…


  1. I would consult the female mountaineer who just took on the seven summits at 60, after beginning her climbing career at 50. She would know if 60 is the new thirty...

    ...and she could probably kick my butt all over the Himalaya. :)

  2. Here's hoping! I'm about to turn 40, and it feels like life is getting better and better. Great post.

  3. how did you know what I was thinking? And you said it sooo much better.


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