100-Word Challenge: Hope

This is my response to Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge: Hope.  This week's challenge is in honor of Blog Nosh Magazine's online blog carnival, Loads of Hope for the Holidays.

Hope is a small word, but a powerful emotion.  Though this little verse meets the challenge of just 100 words about hope, hope deserves so much more.  I hope you will read my previous post about Hope for the Flowers, a wonderful little book by Trina Paulus which does hope far more justice than I ever could.

When hope burned out and was gone,
It took with it optimism and joy,
Leaving a void filled with ashes
Of anguish, despair and cold.

But hidden within,
In a spot halfway between heart and soul,
An ember of hope flickered dimly,
Refusing to give up and go.

With a breeze of kindness, a waft of goodwill,
A gust of love and support,
With a warm hug just when needed,
The flicker was fanned and soon caught.

The ember began to grow warmer,
It glowed, then burst into flame
Hope once again burned brightly,
Bringing optimism and joy back again.


  1. Dear Patti- I love your poem on Hope! This is fabulous! I will share this with Trina. We both appreciate you mentioning Hope for the Flowers again since just as in your most recent work on Hope we are trying to fan the embers of hope into a bright flame that will help spread Hope for the Flowers around the world.
    In peace & hope always,


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