The Man in the Wood

Are you real?

I glance your way

And catch you

Staring back

With an intensity

That scares me,

And makes me want

To beg your pardon.


Grandmother said...

And you feel like you're about to be hit by a freight train- I know that feeling well captured here. How are you, Patti?

Brian Miller said...

well are you? havent seen you in some time....smiles

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Human or animal, I wonder? If animal, I think they look like that when they wish they could speak.

Barbara said...

Nice to see you are back! How is the novel coming along?

LceeL said...

I can just see this ... feel this ... like I've been there.

Well done.

PattiKen said...

Thanks for visiting, all. And about that "novel"? I didn't get very far,and then life got in the way. (Don't those NaNoWriMo people know how much work Thanksgiving dinner takes???) But I like the story, and I will return to it. Who knows? Maybe there is a novel (or something) there. :-)