Dangerous Curves


Despite relative obscurity in death, he lives on,
And we who play the word game collaborate.
We audition many and oft in the end choose him
For visual elaboration and emotional demonstration.

GE, Sony, Hilton, Deere: visages crafted by him.
Electric or electronic, hotel or tractor, lifelong friends
Instantly familiar.  He hides behind the curtain as
They turn a Young Face toward the marketplace,

He died last month, leaving no family. His life was spent
Behind the ivy, shaping thoughts of future wordsmiths
And in boardrooms, masking more commercial thoughts. 
Lofty ambitions.  Did they leave no time for baser goals?

Want to know more? 


Written for One Shot Wednesday.


  1. Who knew? This post opened up a whole new world. I clicked on both links and was instructed and inspired. I love it when that happens! Thanks.

  2. Thank you Patti, there are so many people that influence us but we never know about or meet - thank you for the education and link on this man...bkm

  3. interesting...i followed the link as well...guess he shaped many of our words eh?

  4. Had to go and peruse the links and learn more about this man behind these fascinating fonts.

  5. I, too, followed your links. So interesting. Thanks for the lesson.

  6. Interesting. Certainly a man no one hears about...an intriguing piece, and a curious life, now past. To dedicate a life to fonts...certainly not something you'd expect, but if the shaping of language as such is the life to which one dedicates themselves, who is to deny them? Yet another case of the man behind the scenes, that builds the world as we know it...lovely write.

  7. I think you intrigued everyone here Patti. Nice showcase to a man that touches many despite his anonymity.

  8. Interesting.. and liked the link... good one .

    ॐ शांति ॐ
    Om Shanti Om
    May peace be… pray for People of Japan
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  9. Yes, so many people of influence who are never really known.
    Great words.

  10. What a tribute this is, Patti... There are so many individuals whom we would love to appreciate (or least vaguely think of), but never really end up doing so... This poem goes out to all such unsung heroes..

    A beautiful one shot, my dear friend.. I was really very moved by this one..

  11. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


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