One Night Stand


At her door, Jack Frost wrapped himself around her,
Thrilling her with his chill breath upon her neck,
Running frigid fingers up and down her spine, and
Playing cool jazz on her ribcage as if it were a xylophone.

It didn’t occur to her to ask him in for a nightcap,
But the moment she’d opened the door a crack
His pushed it wide and rushed in past her,
Entering into her home like he lived there.

She’d always had a weakness for bad boys.
You know the mild, gentle ones whose delicate touch,
Barely there, tracing softly with warmth
you barely noticed?  They simply bored her.

Oh, but this one was very bad indeed.  No gentle
Touch or warm caress.  There was little doubt
About his hunger, his need, his drive to devour,
Like a starving polar bear who hasn’t eaten in days.

He howled and whirled like a dervish, spinning
And swirling and piercing her skin with his icy touch,   
And then blew through, as his type always do,
Leaving her shivering and ready for a hot shower.

Written for One Shot Wednesday.


  1. I think I know this guy...and his name was NOT Jack!

  2. Clever piece! (And they tell me that I'VE got cold fingers!)

  3. Very very sexy! Patti this was excellent!

  4. haha...what a fun read..yeah you got to watch those bad boys...smiles. happy one shot!

  5. They're quite common. They end up very lonely.
    Powerful and excellent words.

  6. "Playing cool jazz on her ribcage as if it were a xylophone." What a great line. Well written, Patti

  7. Cool jack swirled in and left her even colder. Great use of metaphor written with style and verve. Loved it. Gay @beachanny

  8. Ah, this was fun! These bad boys are always such memorable characters. Great one shot!

  9. Wonderful Patti...she those bad boys, somehow they just know how bad they really are....nice...bkm

  10. I believe that you have sent your bad boy Jack in my directions Patti. Thanks. Like I needed more reminders...

    (Oh, but I have to admit a very smart read)

  11. Wow...
    You Hot Shower.
    Me Cold Shower!
    Great One Shot....:P

  12. The very picturistic portrayal of the sequence is thrilling. Nice one night stand.

  13. Very clever m'dear. I always loved how your writing is shot through with mischievous humor. :)

  14. Gosh... I got just one word for this, lady... B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T!
    Despite the meanness of Mr. Jack, this one sure got a huge smile on my face... your personification of the chill factor was super fantastic, Patti!! Loved it!!
    I had written a poem with the same title some months back... read it if you feel like :))

    [umm..by the way, I am currently spending some "quality" time with Jack.. I bet it's the same guy ;-).. Now I know what to expect though]

  15. Oh yeah. Got me one of those petulant poppets. Time to turn up the heat.

  16. extracting heat from the cold...uhhh, cool piece

    Peace, hp

  17. Love the imagery in this, really good.

  18. OOO His chill warms me to the bone !
    Great write Patti !

  19. What a delightful tribute to all the bad boys of the world! I've known a few of those "starving polar bears."

  20. a double meaning going on here that was superbly crafted...great poem...pete

  21. Oh so clever my friend! Like so many poems and short stories you left us with a chilling ending and then touched it off so nicely with a hot shower.

    Reminded me so much of Jill Summers...always left abruptly, driving me to a cold shower!

    Your imagination is rich, full and vivid and you bring so much to Wednesday...and indeed to every day. Thanks Patti, your poetry is always a pleasure to read...beautiful and special.

  22. I used to feel good about cool jazz. Now I'm not so sure. Nice work.

  23. Burr....loved it :)

  24. Wonderful, sensual piece. She must watch out for those bad boys... not the ones mom would want to see slip by.

  25. A beautiful and sensuous verse with the imagery so vivid that i could almost feel it real..I enjoyed it so much...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  26. sounds like winter to me! Nice :)

  27. loved it, so vivid and well written

  28. That was amazing. Love the layers of meaning. Brilliant! I'm trying to read your 10thDOM muse 0...and I got an error message that it didn't exist...what's up? I also want to thank you for all your visits at Life is Good. Your support means a lot to me.

  29. Wonderful use of scenes, solid flow.

  30. Thank you all for your visits and comments. I like comments. This is me, smiling. :-)

  31. Now that's got to be a gift: the ability to make Jack seem sensuous. Bravo!


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