New Year's Resolution

Schlummernde Frau
by Johann Baptist Reiter (1849)(Source: Wikimedia Commons)
minutes past midnight,
she yawns, and her eyes open.
the muse is awake.
I’m still stiff with sleep,
she says, don’t expect too much,
a few words at best.
with months of silence,
few words are better than none.
make them good ones, please.
ah, no, she responds,
that’s entirely up to you.
you must wake up too.



Tom said...

weeks like this,
I wish I was a bear

Lou Lohman said...

You KNEW, of course, that picture was going to draw me here, right?

Wonderfully literate poetry, Sis. You're BACK!!

Brian Miller said...

smiles...good morning sunshine
nice to see you awake.

Tara R. said...

And the muse awakes!

Mags said...

That was amazing!

Kain said...

Absolutely beautiful!

rallentanda said...

My goodness Patti...you are looking quite different these day..your long rest from blogging has enhanced your appearance and made you a lot more frivolous in your attire and pose:)